Agentic Network Management

March 6th, 2023

Our Category Point of View

I. The Problem: Growing Network Complexity

Today, our personal and professional networks have reached an unprecedented level of complexity. The last two decades of tech innovation have connected us to more people, across more communication channels, spanning a wider range of contexts than ever before. Our growing networks have become intractable to manage as individuals, let alone teams.

The result is a paralysis around maintaining relationships that leaves us worse off in the modern era. At the heart of every business is relationships: the handshakes that close the big deal and the celebrations that follow. Despite being glued to our screens, we are still:

  • Dropping relevant communication threads
  • Wasting time on manual data entry tasks
  • Losing key network details
  • Failing to match people with the right opportunity
  • Letting important relationships grow cold

This status quo robs us of time, money, and meaning.

We think teams across sales, capital allocation, and business development should get back to what matters: the people on the other side of the deal. The existing relationship management landscape calls for a new category that is just now possible: agentic products that autonomously manage complexity as your network co-pilot.

II. The Solution: Your Network Co-Pilot

We envision Agentic Network Management as the next-generation of the CRM. Agentic describes products that leverage AI agents to learn from, understand, and act on behalf of the user. Agentic products mean the end of trying to wrangle network complexity by searching across spreadsheets and databases. Instead, your personalized agent knows your network better than you could by centralizing, enriching, recommending, and acting across your network workflows.

If you’re traveling to a new city, an agent tells you who to meet with and why. If you’re running to a sales meeting, your agent briefs you on the attendees and areas of commonality. If your portfolio company hires a new teammate, your agent prompts you to send a congratulations. If you’re at a conference, your agent follows the speakers from your Twitter.

The complexity of our networks will continue to increase but warm relationships will remain at the heart of every business. Agentic products synthesize and manage that complexity so that you can focus on connection. We fundamentally believe in AI’s potential to augment the human experience, to make our lives richer in the time that we have. Agentic network management is the evolution towards that.