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Meet Hearth

Your Relational Intelligence

for your network workflows

Picture yourself navigating a terrain filled with hills and valleys. This is the landscape of the people you are connected to. Each step you take represents a relational action - something you do to connect with your people.
But how do you get there? It’s daunting to decide which steps to take.
Hearth is your guide across this landscape, offering you paths to the highest points.
An abstract of a hilly landscape
But this is a lifelong journey - what does home look like along the way?
Imagine stepping into a charming inn, where every room is filled with your friends, coworkers, customers, mentors, family, and more: all the people in your life - thoughtfully arranged to resonate with you today.
The inn is part of a greater space, and you receive invites from teammates to shared rooms. At the heart of your inn is the innkeeper, stoking a fire to keep everyone warm.
As you enter, the innkeeper greets you with a smile, “Welcome home, boss! Here’s the latest from today—how may I be of service?”
Meet Hearth: your guide and your innkeeper. Let’s begin 🔥
A Sketch of an Inn