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Culture & Intent

Values are defined by the tradeoffs we make. This is our living document for harmonizing the Hearth team decision-making process. By sharing our values, we are sharing the culture and intent with which we are creating and using Hearth.

I. We view ourselves as artists - this elevates us as engineers

We are conduits for channeling creative energy into materializing new technology and experiences. We tradeoff comfort and stability for growth and creation. The way out is through. We celebrate that birthing hurts.

II. We value strong action bias

The uncertainty in the creative act doesn’t paralyze us. We tradeoff the false sense of security that comes from fixating on process with decisive action that allows us to rapidly learn from our environment.

III. Goodwill is the reflex

We assume the best from others. We tradeoff the emotional reprieve of interpersonal judgement with the practice of listening to understand and sitting with the range of experiences. And even in the worst case, we know that if they knew better, they would have done better.

IV. We value direct and honest communication

We believe in an obligation to truth-seeking. We believe in high-accountability and no-blame. We tradeoff the illusion of conflict avoidance with transparent communication.